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  • Center for Economic Analysis


    Justin S. Morrill Hall of Agriculture, 446 W. Circle Drive, Room 88, East Lansing, Michigan, 48824


    The Center for Economic Analysis provides timely, high quality research, data, and analysis that contributes to the overall awareness of how the agricultural, natural resource, and related sectors and other community economic development activities contribute to the state economy. The CEA provides a number of services, including:

    • Economic Forecasts
    • Economic Policy Analyses
    • Demographic Profiles
    • Impact Assessments
    • Market Assessments
    • Tax Policy Impacts
    • Tourism Impacts
    • Needs and Poverty Assessments
  • Community Evaluation and Research Collaborative (CERC)


    Kellogg Center, Garden Level, 219 S. Harrison Road, East Lansing, MI, 48824.


    CERC acts as a hub for program evaluation activity across Michigan State University and provides training in evaluation and community-based participatory research, and conducts formative (planning) and summative (outcome) evaluations. Across local, state, and national arenas, CERC partners with nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, government, health organizations, foundations, and other universities. 


  • Education Policy Center at MSU


    210 Erickson Hall, 620 Farm Lane, East Lansing, MI 48824


    The Education Policy Center in MSU's College of Education provides timely, credible, and non-partisan policy research and analysis to key audiences in Michigan's education policy system. The center gives priority to activities that support and inform policy debate and development in the Legislature and the Michigan Department of Education. It supports activities that foster informed discussion and understanding of educational issues for broader audiences, including Michigan businesses, professional educators, and local school boards and their communities.

  • International Networking for Educational Transformation (iNet)




    Established in 2004, the International Network for Educational Transformation (iNET) is an initiative of the Schools Network, the leading body for advancing secondary school excellence and diversity in England.

    iNET's mission is to create powerful and innovative networks of schools that have achieved or have committed to achieving systematic, significant and sustained change that ensures outstanding outcomes for all students in all settings. It focuses on school transformation and aims to facilitate innovation by sharing knowledge and offering a vision of how education can move forward based on the practice of transformation. iNET has grown rapidly into a diverse network across many cultures.

    K-12 Outreach has been working to introduce iNET to Michigan schools, coordinate memberships, and support schools in its use.  One hundred eighty five (185) Michigan schools have joined to date. Join iNET.

  • K-12 Education Outreach


    Erickson Hall, Room 253, 620 Farm Lane, East Lansing, MI 48824


    The MSU College of Education's K-12 Outreach Office works with schools to improve student achievement by providing programs for, and services to, public school teachers and administrators. Through funding from the University and a variety of state and federal grants, the K-12 Outreach Office is currently involved in projects that feature innovative curriculum development, international collaborations, accountability, standards and assessment, leadership development for school administrators, induction and mentoring of beginning teachers, disseminating research and best practice for teaching and professional development, and other issues identified as important to affecting Michigan's education policy and practice.

    K-12 Outreach staff work with state and national education organizations, K-higher education practitioners, legislative bodies, agencies, associations and foundations to affect education policy and practice. The mission and unifying theme of every K-12 Outreach activity is to improve student learning and increase student achievement throughout Michigan.

  • National Collaborative for the Study of University Engagement


    Kellogg Center, Room 93, Garden Level, 219 S. Harrison Road, East Lansing, MI, 48824.


    The National Collaborative for the Study of University Engagement was developed to stimulate a greater understanding of how university engagement enhances faculty scholarship and community progress. The center addresses the full spectrum of issues surrounding faculty outreach and engagement work, including:

    • Defining outreach and engagement and seeking national alignment on the meaning and scope of the nomenclature.
    • Assessing faculty perceptions of their outreach and engagement work and how they compare to the University's outreach and engagement mission.
    • Developing measurement and benchmarking criteria for outreach and engagement (locally and nationally).
    • Studying processes and impacts of university-community collaborations.
    • Analyzing community contributions to engagement and scholarship.
    • Investigating practices and policies that enable universities and colleges to weave outreach and engagement into their institutional fabric and faculty promotion and tenure systems.
    • Providing incentives for faculty to evaluate their work as engaged scholars.
    • Defining areas of ongoing research.
    • Conducting literature reviews and writing for Web site dissemination.
    • Presenting and publishing the Center's work.

    The site offers documents, archived and future conferences and events, tools for measurement and assessment, and links to national initiatives.

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