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  • American Sign Language Online Instruction Courses




    Signing Online offers a series of four ASL (American Sign Language) courses that will give you the basic skills to become fluent in ASL. In ASL, the hands communicate by forming signs, which have meaning just like spoken words in English. ASL also means learning how to express yourself using your eyes, face and movements and body movements. The course also provides valuable information and insights for communicating with deaf and hearing impaired individuals.

  • Educational Technology (NP) Endorsement


    The courses can be completed in hybrid format (online and on MSU's campus); fully online; or oversees


    For students in the State of Michigan who are K12 educators, the Educational Technology (NP) Endorsement can be added to either an elementary or secondary certificate. Teachers holding this endorsement are considered well-prepared to teach introductory computer-related classes for which no specific endorsement is needed. These classes include (but are not limited to) — Computers, Computer Literacy, Keyboarding, Word Processing, Computer Applications, Web Design, and Introduction to the Internet.  The NP Endorsement consists of the seven courses; they do not have to be taken in sequence and can be completed online, hybrid, or overseas.

  • Educational Technology Certificate Program (Online, Hybrid, and Overseas)


    Hybrid: face to face and online; overseas; online


    This graduate-level credential in technology integration prepares educators who work with students in a range of educational settings to help students become powerful digital-age thinkers, makers and problem solvers. In just one or two semesters, you will acquire foundational knowledge and skills that will transform your thinking about how, why and when to integrate a range of digital technologies to support student learning.

    We give you choices that fit your needs. You can take classes online. Our hybrid summer cohort blends face-to-face and online learning. Our overseas program offers four weeks of face-to-face learning.

    The Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology:

    • 9 credits, 3 courses – CEP 810, CEP 811, CEP 812
    • signifies that students have foundations in theories and practices of technology integration  in educational settings
    • can be completed as a stand-alone credential or as a part of the MAET degree program or other university degree programs.
  • Educational Technology Masters Degree Program: Hybrid Format (July - August 2018)


    • On Campus at MSU: Monday, July 9 through Friday, July 20 (Weekends Excluded)
    • Online: Saturday, July 21 through Thursday, August 16
    • Back for Final Celebration Day at MSU: Friday, August 17


    Classroom component located on campus in East Lansing, MI


    Each summer, two cohorts of educators are welcomed to MSU's campus for two weeks of  face-to-face learning. After these two on-campus weeks, students return home to complete four more weeks of learning with their cohorts online. At the end of the summer, all students return to campus for one day to present their best work, and to share in celebrations of their successes. The cohort model allows students to forge strong professional connections to a group of colleagues who are working through a common set of courses together.

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