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  • Clinical Genetics Laboratory Services


    MSU Division of Human Genetics: 1355 Bogue St, Room B123, East Lansing, MI, 48824


    The MSU Clinical Genetics Laboratory  consists of four service branches including Clinical Cytogenetics, Prenatal Screening, and Molecular Genetics Laboratories including SNP Microarray. These laboratories are members of the MSU Health Team and are CLIA/CAP certified. They offer a wide range of clinical genetics services including cancer, prenatal, pediatric and adult genetics, including Huntington’s disease consultations,  to patients in mid-Michigan, Flint and Kalamazoo. The team is staffed by a board certified clinical geneticist trained in dysmorphology and multiple board certified/board eligible genetic counselors. Patients are evaluated by analyzing available family and medical history data to determine the most appropriate genetic testing. The laboratories provide counseling for patients with various genetic disorders, assist in implementing medical management recommendations and offer support and guidance for families. They also determine and seek insurance preauthorization for various genetic analyses, coordinate testing and followup with results.

  • Pediatrics Clinical and Laboratory Services


    • Child Health Clinic: 804 Service Road, Room A110, East Lansing, MI  48824.  (517) 353-3003
    • Pediatric and Specialty Care Clinic: 4660 South Hagadorn, Suite 405, East Lansing, MI 48824 (517) 448-8600


    The mission of the Department of Pediatrics Patient Care is "to advance the healthy development and well being of children and adolescents through innovative medical education, research, clinical care, and advocacy, emphasizing community-based partnerships." To this end, the department offers a broad range of clinical and laboratory services to the children of Michigan, drawing on the talent of more than 100 faculty members located on six community campuses (Flint, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Midland, and the Upper Peninsula).  Clinical services are offered in the following areas:

    • Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
    • Neonatology
    • General Pediatrics
    • Pediatric/Adolescent Hematology-Oncology
    • Pediatric Pulmonary
    • Human Genetics Program: Cytogenetics lab, DNA lab, prenatal screening, clinical genetics, human genetics/toxicology/oncology research
  • Psychological Clinic Therapy and Assessment Services


    The MSU Psychological Clinic is located in the Psychology Building on the campus of MSU.


    The MSU Psychological Clinic is staffed by clinicians enrolled in the MSU Clinical Psychology doctoral program and by some MSU Clinical Psychology faculty. All clinicians are individually supervised by experienced Ph.D. psychologists from the University faculty and the Greater Lansing community. The Clinic provides a wide range of services to the general public. Fee for services at the Clinic is set on an income-adjusted basis. Services include:

    • Individual child psychotherapy
    • Individual child play-therapy
    • Adolescent psychotherapy
    • Individual adult psychotherapy
    • Family therapy
    • Couples therapy
    • Group therapy
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