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  • Folk Arts in Education - A Resource Handbook II


    Folk Arts in Education: A Resource Handbook II examines the state of folklife and folk arts in education projects around the U.S. with sample curricula from over 50 exemplary programs for youth in educational settings in K-12 schools, youth-serving organizations arts and humanities councils, museums, and cultural heritage and folk arts nonprofit organizations.

    Folklife programs in schools and after-school programs bring young people in touch with their communities, their ethnic identities, the authentic cultural expressions of their own families and others through direct participation and ethnographic methods using photography, video, radio, audio recordings, exhibitions, festival, and residencies with tradition-bearers. A web resources section links educators to folk arts programs nationwide.

  • Julian Samora Research Institute Reference Materials and Reports



    The mission of the Julian Samora Research Institute is to generate, disseminate, and apply knowledge to serve the needs of Latino communities in the Midwest and across the nation.  The Institute offers a variety of informational resources covering many Michigan Latino topics.

  • Michigan Stained Glass Census Website


    The MSU Museum sponsors the Michigan Stained Glass Census Website. By researching and recording information about the origins, styles, and subject matter of architectural stained glass, the Census is creating an invaluable resource of visual and documentary material related to Michigan's social, religious, and art history. The Census also encourages individuals and groups to better appreciate and preserve the stained glass treasures in their own communities. The Web site features a comprehensive list of registered stained glass windows. Information about the history and artists of certain windows is available under the Window of the Month feature. Other features include online and downloadable registration forms, a listing of stained glass-related objects in the MSU Museum collection, information about the quarterly e-mail newsletter, a stained glass bibliography, and links to many windows in Michigan and elsewhere.

  • The Making of Modern Michigan


    Main Library, 100 Library, East Lansing, MI, 48824.


    The Making of Modern Michigan is a collaborative project involving 52 Michigan libraries. It includes local history materials from communities around the state. Michigan's unique heritage is represented through over 4,500 different subjects of photographs, family papers, oral histories, genealogical materials, and much more.

  • The Quilt Index


    The Quilt Index is a central resource that incorporates a wide variety of sources and information on quilts, quiltmakers, and quiltmaking. The Index includes:
    images and information on privately held quilts compiled by over 56 state and regional quilt documentation projects in the United States and internationally;
    images and information on quilts in public museum and library collections;
    bibliographies of secondary materials relevant to quilt study; and
    finding aids developed to assist researchers with locating hard-to-find quilt-related primary and secondary materials in public collections.

    Quilts are searchable or browsable by timeperiod, style or technique, purpose or function, original location, or collection.

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