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  • Seafood Alliance HACCP Training Course (December 2017)


    December 5 - 7, 2017


    Ojibway Casino Resort, 16449 Michigan Ave. (M - 38), Baraga, MI


    Commercial fish processors are required either to obtain formal training for one or more of their own employees or to hire trained independent contractors to perform the HACCP functions. The HACCP regulation requires processors to keep extensive records of processing and sanitation at their facilities. The Seafood HACCP regulation defines processing as handling, storing, preparing, heading, eviscerating, shucking, freezing, changing into different market forms, manufacturing, preserving, packing, labeling, dockside unloading, or holding fish or fishery products. All fish processors are required to take this training if they are not currently certified. Those completing the course will receive a Seafood Alliance HACCP Certificate issued through the Association of Food and Drug Officials that is recognized by agencies regulating fish processors.

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