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  • Manure and Nutrient Management Resources: MSU Extension


    These sites offers a wealth of information for the cattle industry. There are numerous articles and bulletins on calibration, composting, cover crops, farmstead topics, employees and emergency training, land application, odor and air quality, phosporus in diets, record keeping, storage, and treatment. Consultations, meetings, and workshops are offered in a variety of locations.

  • Michigan Cover Crops Program and Information Resources


    The Michigan Cover Crops Program makes information on cover crop management, soil, cropping systems, species, and seed sources readily available so farmers can make better decisions about using cover crops on their farms.

  • Soil Ecology and Management Information Resource


    Online at the Website below.


    The Soil Ecology and Management Website aids agricultural professionals in applying ecological principles to the management of soil. Building soil resources provides the foundation for healthy farms, communities, the environment, and future livelihoods. This Web site addresses key principles of soil ecological mangement, including biodiversity, vegetative cover, and soil quality. Practical management tools in line with these principles include the use of cover crops, compost, manure, and reduced tillage.

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