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  • Center for Global Change and Earth Observations


    218 Manly Miles Building, 1405 S. Harrison Road, East Lansing, MI, 48823


    The overarching goal of CGCEO is to contribute to the understanding of the interrelations among human, land, and climate systems in an international context, as reflected in MSU’s Boldness by Design. Building on existing strength in interdisciplinary approaches to understand the social processes, land use and land cover patterns and processes, and environmental impacts and responses at regional to global scales, the Center addresses the following key science questions:

    How are social processes altering and impacting global environmental dynamics? How do these changes, in turn, respond to and affect land and human systems?

    The research activities at the Center attempt to identify, understand and model land surface processes; determine and quantify socioeconomic root causes of and responses to global change, and assess human/animal health and ecosystem services.

  • Emerald Ash Borer Website


    The Emerald Ash Borer Website is a collaborative effort to provide comprehensive, accurate and timely information on the emerald ash borer.

  • Forest Biomass Innovation Center (Escanaba, MI)


    6005 J Road, Escanaba, MI, 49829.


    The 1,745-acre MSU Forest Biomass Innovation Center in Escanaba is leading a number of initiatives to increase the sustainable use of wood in Michigan’s expanding bioeconomy. This wood will come from the surplus growing in the forests and from willow and poplar energy plantations on marginal farm land in the northern parts of the state. Work focuses on increasing yields, decreasing costs, reducing greenhouse gas and energy losses, retaining rural jobs, and improving supply chain efficiencies. Research at the center also focuses on forest genetics, silviculture and forested wetland management.

  • Forestry, Tree Care, and Tree Production Online Publications


    These online publications cover a wide variety of issues including:

    • Individual Tree ID and Care
    • Forest Health
    • Forest Economics
    • Marketing
    • Tree Planting for Reforestation
    • General Forest Management
    • Christmas Trees
    • Forest Stand Improvement
    • Managing for Specific Tree Species
    • Forest Products
    • People in Forestry--Professional Directories
  • Landscape and Nursery Resources


    Includes seasonal updates and advice; weather resources; scouting resources; and current green industry issues.

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